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WCLT Fall Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, September 6
Saturday, November 21

Explore the Westborough Community Land Trust's Charm Bracelet trails and earn WCLT-themed prizes!

Each week through the fall, we will post an iconic image from the Westborough trail system on the WCLT Facebook page.

Find the location and post the same image to earn bragging rights and fabulous prizes. Compete as individuals, families, or teams.

The first challenge will be posted on September 6, and a new one will go online each Sunday for the next 10 weeks.

Contact: events@westboroughlandtrust.org

"Experiencing Beauty in Nature During a Pandemic" and WCLT Annual meeting

Monday, October 26

7:00 PM


The age of COVID has been challenging for us all. And yet, Nature continues to provide us with opportunities to temporarily escape the madness, to see beauty and to experience the sublime. All we need to do is look for those opportunities. Local trails and conservation areas provide places to seek out transcendent encounters with Nature. Scott Shumway, Professor of Biology at Wheaton College and past president of WCLT, has been seeking encounters with Nature his entire life. He will share some of his recent encounters that have brought him joy over the past few months. The encounters take place in his backyard, in the woods on local trails, and in his kayak on nearby ponds. We will take a virtual nature walk and hopefully you will become inspired to add more beauty to your life.

Program will begin at 7PM, and the Annual meeting will follow. All are welcome to attend via Zoom:


646 876 9923
Meeting ID: 723 3126 0756
Find your local number: https://us04web.zoom.us/u/fJ60cf3Wn

For technical issues, contact: vice-president@westboroughlandtrust.org

Contact: events@westboroughlandtrust.org

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Westborough Community Land Trust


The Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT) is a private, member-supported, nonprofit organization. The trust was established in 1997 to preserve open space in response to increasing development pressures.

Our purpose is to safeguard land to meet the environmental, recreational, agricultural, and scenic needs of the Town of Westborough and to preserve open space and the character of the land.

We pursue these goals through the acquisition and stewardship of land, educational activities, and advocacy in regard to the health of waterways, aquifers, and watersheds.


To date WCLT has preserved more than 173 acres of land and acts as stewards for close to 400 acres in Westborough.

To carry on these activities, WCLT has Land Preservation, Stewardship, Education, Membership, and Finance Committees.

WCLT welcomes new members from Westborough and the greater community.

What are the advantages of a land trust?

As a nonprofit organization, a land trust such as the Westborough Community Land Trust is able to receive gifts of land, purchase open space, or secure conservation rights. It can negotiate with landowners and developers to achieve balanced growth and undertake creative fundraising for land acquisition. Unlike an official municipal body, a land trust can negotiate sensitive land acquisitions and pursue the financing needed to achieve them in a timely, flexible fashion.

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