WCLT has acquired more than 206 acres of land to preserve open space, provide wildlife habitat, and protect aquifers. Some of these properties have trails, while others are for conservation purposes only. If you'd like to walk one of these trails, please visit the Charm Bracelet Trail Maps.

Upper Jackstraw Brook Reservation – 66.8 Acres

Gilmore Pond

Photo Courtesy of S Shumway

Gilmore Pond

Four parcels along the headwaters of Jackstraw Brook:

Orchard Swamp Reservation – 38.9 Acres

Hero Property

Hero Property, Orchard Swamp

Four parcels in Orchard Swamp located between Route 9, Lyman Street, Haskell Street, and East Main Street:

Indian Pond Region – 26.2 Acres

Three parcels along the Assabet River:

Oak Bluffs Parcel – 19.9 Acres

A piece of beautiful shoreline along the floodplain of the Assabet River. Donated as open space from the Oak Bluffs development

Hidden Meadow Parcel – 16.2 Acres

Adjacent to the western portion of the Bowman Conservation Area. Since 2006, WCLT has maintained an early successional grassland in the middle of the woods. Donated to WCLT as part of the Valley View Estates development.

Peairs Property – 2.5 Acres

Located adjacent to the 200 acres of the combined Town of Westborough Libbey Conservation Area and New England Forestry Foundation Wile Forest.

North Shore Trail Right of Way – 1 Acre

Two small parcels, one donated by Millie Coyne and the other by Ellen Gugel and Steve Munden, that protect the trail on the North Shore of Mill Pond.

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