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May 19, 2019
1:30 - 3:30 PM
Libbey/Wile Forest

New England Wildflower Walk

Westborough’s Libbey/Wile Forest comes alive with beautiful wildflowers every May.

Join us as we hunt for and identify flowering plants. Learn which are native and a little bit about what challenges these plants face. Feel free to bring your favorite wildflower book.

No reservation needed. Kids accompanied by an adult are welcome, if they are able to stay on the trail to avoid trampling the flowers.

Meet at the Gilmore Pond Trail entrance, GPS address approximately 19 Quick Farm Rd. Westborough. From Gilmore Pond we will cross Adams Street into the Libbey/Wile Forest; walk length approximately 2 miles on woodland trails.

Trail Maps:


June 17, 2019
7:00 - 9:00 PM
St. Luke’s Parish Hall

Invisible Worlds (Speaker: Scott Chimileski) And WCLT Annual Meeting

When most people think of nature, they think of plants and animals they can see. But the overwhelming majority of life is visible only through a microscope.

Microbes live everywhere, from under polar ice, to geothermal ocean vents, to your own back yard--one gram of soil can contain billions of living creatures.

And microbes affect our lives: They can protect us from disease; boost access to nutrients in our food; help us make wine, cheese, and yogurt; and only rarely cause illness.

Harvard Medical School-based microbiologist and science photographer Scott Chimileski will open the door for us to see into the secret lives of microscopic creatures: How they hunt, travel, and communicate. His beautiful photographs of microbe colonies will illustrate the talk. With Roberto Kolter, Scott has recently published a fascinating and lavishly illustrated book, Life at the Edge of Sight, which will be available after the talk.

Program will run from 7-8 pm; reception and Annual Meeting to follow.


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