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Indian Pond Preservation Trust Donates Land to WCLT

An old farm pond and pasture, woodlands, stone walls and a red maple swamp will remain a scenic refuge for hikers and wildlife along the Assabet River corridor, thanks to the Indian Pond Preservation Trust. This homeower’s association of 36 families on Indian Pond Road recently transferred 14.4 acres of open space as a gift to the Westborough Community Land Trust. Indian Pond Trustees Kevin Barry and Wayne Taylor were key in facilitating the gift, which was supported by a unanimous vote of the neighborhood association. The parcel lies between Lydia’s Path off Maynard Street and Meadow Road.

"We wanted to donate this parcel because it is part of the Homeowner's Association’s open space, and we felt that there was a better opportunity for the land to be maintained and utilized properly by the WCLT,” says Kevin Barry.   “We feel confident that it will remain as a protected open space parcel and benefit the town, becoming a valuable link in Westborough's "Charm Bracelet" trail system to be enjoyed by all."

The land parcel—with its 50 feet of frontage along the Assabet River and central pond—makes an important connection in Westborough’s Charm Bracelet trail system. Although the parcel itself had no road frontage, it abuts two parcels currently owned by WCLT. It also continues a wildlife green belt along the Assabet River.”

“The addition of this Indian Pond parcel provides a link for a walking trail from Maynard Road to Westmeadow Plaza,” says WCLT’s Craig Richov. Richov has been the main WCLT liaison working directly with the homeowners on the gift. “Following planning and construction, trails on the parcel should be open to the public sometime in 2010. Changes in elevation, habitat and vegetation, and views of the river valley will make this a particularly enjoyable walk.” WCLT also has trail easements to the west of the parcels to Otis Street.

The Land Trust has long been interested in the land for several reasons. It is one of the primary parcels identified in the Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan as a potential open space corridor. The swamp and wetlands also are designated a Zone II direct recharge area on Westborough’s Water Resources Map. The farm pond as has potential for added passive recreation for Westborough residents, such as hiking, fishing, and skating.

The 14 acres around Indian Pond are adjacent to 13 acres already owned by WCLT, so a scenic wildlife corridor of 27 acres is created with this gift of land. In its decade of existence the Westborough Community Land Trust, a local nonprofit land conservation organization, has permanently protected nearly 180 acres of open space in Westborough. WCLT also manages several hundred additional acres of open space in cooperation with Westborough’s Conservation Commission. For more information on WCLT’s activities and membership, visit

Westborough Community Land Trust, PO Box 838, Westborough , MA 01581
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