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Discovery Day at Bowman Conservation Area
On Sunday, September 20, Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT) members and friends gathered as a community at Bowman Conservation Area to celebrate being outdoors, to bask in the beauty of nature, and to play in our public open space (Click here to watch the video). This area is one of the most beautiful and heavily used open spaces in Westborough, with three miles of trails surrounding Sandra Pond. Over 85 people attended our Bowman Discovery Day, and a crew of 25 volunteers helped run the event. Since May, WCLT volunteers have invested 150 hours of work maintaining trails at the town-owned Bowman Conservation Area. I’d like to issue a sincere “thank you” to all of these people for making Discovery Day a great success!
As I’ve said before, the decision to include “community” in the name of WCLT was an important one. Working to protect open space for the citizens of Westborough and to promote the enjoyment of the outdoors is what we do.  We’re the Westborough Community Land Trust.  
 Happy Trails,
Scott Shumway, WCLT President
Tim Novak
WCLT’s Pepper Award Goes to WTV’s Tim Novak
“For years Tim Novak has been videotaping many of WCLT's walks and talks and turning them into programs that air on Westborough TV.  It’s part of his job, but he does it with a passion for nature that makes a real difference. We thank Tim for helping to promote the work of WCLT and the enjoyment of nature in Westborough.”
So said WCLT president Scott Shumway as he presented the 2015 Pepper Award to Tim Novak of Westborough TV (WTV).  WCLT’s Ellie and Jack Pepper Award is given to an individual or organization  in recognition of outstanding work in conservation and land preservation benefiting WCLT and the citizens of Westborough.
Watch Tim’s recent video of WCLT’s Bowman Discovery Day.  “Whether it’s a tour of Hoccomocco Swamp, a hike on a trail, spring salamander migration, or a fungi foray, he’s always there filming,” Scott explained. “The results can be viewed on Westborough TV or from archives on the Westborough TV website.”
“If you look closely and tread quietly, Westborough will surprise you with all the nature there is to enjoy,” Tim says.
Who is the man behind the camera, working to bring us closer to nature in Westborough?  Tim Novak is a dedicated outdoorsman who combines his love of nature with his professional enthusiasm for video.  
Like so many people, Tim first got hooked on nature early in life.
“As a child growing up in Natick, I was always in the woods chasing snakes and searching for wild edibles. Euell Gibbons was a hero of mine. Way before Bear Grylls and Les Stroud, I would practice woodcraft and survival skills in the woods behind my parent's house.”
He continued to explore nature in diverse ways and made it part of his other interests.  “I hiked the Appalachian Trail 1.5 times, and the experience brought me very close to the natural world. My other interests include backpacking and game design, and gravity sporting.”
After moving to Westborough in 1999, Tim started working at Westborough TV in 2009, “building the website and organizing shoots but mostly working as a camera operator.” He is currently studio manager for WTV.
“My interest in video is directly tied to my love of street luging, where I use point of view (POV) cameras to capture the on-board experience.”
Tim has recently been flying a drone to shoot videos of places and events in Westborough for WTV.  His innovative show “Blades over Westborough” is featured regularly on WTV.
Through his camera work and local explorations, Tim has developed a unique perspective on Westborough’s natural environment and its resiliency.
“I have learned, whilst searching for critters and exploring all around Westborough, that nature always finds a way to survive, even in damaged industrial zones and the highly impacted suburban landscape. I have found many interesting plants and animals under litter and within the ruins and urban decay. Areas once bustling with industrial activity are quickly reclaimed by nature. I have seen countess birds of prey, songbirds, fisher, deer, coyotes, all manner of reptiles and amphibians all about Westborough.
“Westborough is unique as it is surrounded by major roads, large industrial parks, and a growing population, yet has incredible habitats. Seeing animals walking through yards, thriving in our industrial parks, and seemingly oblivious to speeding motor vehicles just illustrates nature's ability to survive and adapt.“
What are Tim’s favorite natural places in Westborough?
“I love Cedar Swamp and enjoy exploring the area when I can. The Cedar Hill area is also very impressive, and the work done there to create habitat has been very interesting to observe. “Westborough is very lucky to have these areas, and WCLT has done an amazing job protecting wild places.”
New WCLT Board Members

Meet the New Directors

Meet the seven new directors who joined WCLT’s Board as of the recent 2015 Annual Meeting. They have expressed interest in various WCLT committees, as noted. 
If you would like to help with the work of a WCLT committee, please contact Scott Shumway.
Gillian Beamer — Dr. Gillian Beamer is assistant professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, in the Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health.
Ellen Bishop — Ellen is a graphic designer and sole proprietor of Barking Dog Design, LLC. She served one term as president of WCLT. Committee interest: Publicity and Membership
Tim Foley — Tim is a scientist currently employed at Sanofi-Aventis in Framingham and president of Fidelis Quality Systems, LLC. Committee interest: Finance  
Jerry Lyle — Jerry is retired from a U.S. Public Health Service career, most of that as a pediatrician in American Indian communities. Committee interest: Education
Keith Martin — When not out on the trails, Keith is a research and advanced development manager at Bose in Framingham. Committee interest: Stewardship
Polly Pearson — Polly’s professional background is in brand marketing and investor relations.  She runs her own consulting practice. Committee interests:  Publicity and Nominating Committee
Eric Waite — Eric works as an 8th grade history teacher in Sudbury. Committee interests: Education; Stewardship
Two Receive WCLT President’s Awards
Two of WCLT’s directors, John Metzger and Steve Rowell, received President’s Awards from Scott Shumway upon the conclusion of their maximum 9-year terms on the Board of Directors. The President’s Award recognizes members who have given exemplary service to WCLT.
“Their leadership and wisdom have greatly advanced the work of WCLT,” Scott said at WCLT’s recent 2015 Annual Meeting. “We’d like to keep them for another 9 years, but our bylaws specify a term limit of three consecutive three-year terms.  It has been a privilege to volunteer with them.”
John Metzger has been active on many committees and served as WCLT’s president for 2010-2013 and as vice president both before that term and then again for the past two years.
Steve Rowell served as assistant treasurer for many years. He has agreed to continue to perform some of his duties under the new title of “bookkeeper”.
“It’s been my pleasure to build, maintain, and hike the Charm Bracelet trails with John and Steve,” Scott said. “I’ve appreciated their thoughtful words of wisdom as they have helped lead WCLT down the proper trail.” 
Fall Foliage Hike
In spite of a few token snowflakes, Westborough’s blazing fall foliage did not disappoint as about 40 people joined stewardship chair Marge Fisher on a nearly 3-mile hike along trails starting at WCLT’s Gilmore Pond and looping through the town-owned Libbey Conservation Area and the adjacent Wile Forest owned by New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF).  Walkers followed the relatively new woodland new trail connecting Gilmore and Libbey, which replaces what had formerly been a short walk along local streets. The group also hiked along sturdy new boardwalks in Libbey, crossing areas that are wet in spring. 
To watch Tim Novak's new video of the Fall Foliage Hike click here. Photo by Paula Kirk.
Trail maps: Upper Jackstraw BrookLibbey Conservation Area & Wile Forest


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Shaped by Ice: How the Ice Ages Created Westborough’s Landscape
Sunday, November 8
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Walk at Headwaters Conservation Area with geologist Andy Koenigsberg.
Westborough was under a mile-thick glacier 18,000 years ago, but 8,000 years later the ice was gone, leaving behind today’s landscape. Learn about the geologic history of Westborough, and how the changing climate shapes both our past and our future. Meet at Mill Pond School parking lot.
Trail map: Headwaters Conservation AreaMill Pond Area

Secrets of Cedar Swamp Pond
Sunday, January 31, 2016
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

2.5-mile walk over flat terrain with Marge Fisher.
Hike to Cedar Swamp Pond by walking across frozen Cedar Swamp.  Hikers may want to bring snowshoes or traction devices depending on snow and ice cover. Hiking poles, cameras, and binoculars also recommended.  If the weather has been very cold, we may be able to venture onto the pond.  Look for animal tracks: red squirrels, deer, and fisher. Dress to stay warm and dry! Meet in St. Luke's cemetery off Hopkinton Rd.
Trail Map: South Cedar Swamp 

If you missed a recent WCLT “Nature Notes” column in the Westborough News, look for it on the WCLT web site. There you can also find more than 200 past columns, indexed by date, common name, Latin name, and category. 
Read the 2015 Scholarship Winners’ Earth Day Essays
This was the 10th year of the WCLT scholarship program. If you’d like to read the Earth Day essays by the two recipients of WCLT’s 2015 scholarships, Margaret Baldwin and Scott McCullough, both of Westborough High School click here
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WCLT is mentioned in Money Magazine 

WCLT was mentioned in the Money Magazine description of Westborough, which was ranked as #14 in the magazine’s August 13, 2015 list of 50 best places to live in the U.S.: “There’s not a ton going on after dark in this sleepy town of about 18,000, but during daylight hours, residents get outside on extensive conservation lands protected by the Westborough Community Land Trust and in the 427-acre Westboro Wildlife Management Area (where hikers and bikers share the land with hunters).” Read the write-up

Worcester Living magazine mentions WCLT and Charm Bracelet
The Fall 2015 issue of Worcester Living contains an article featuring Worcester-area trail systems, “Where the sidewalk ends” by Dave Greenslit, which mentions WCLT, the Charm Bracelet, and trails at Mill Pond on page 23 of the magazine.
WCLT Says Thank You!

Many thanks to . . .
The Westborough Cultural Council and the Westborough Newcomers Club for grants that helped to support two showings of WCLT’s live animal program in March 2015, Meet the Raptors by Tom Ricardi. This popular event was part of WCLT’s annual Earth Awareness Program to connect children and their families with nature.

The Willows at Westborough for choosing WCLT as the nonprofit organization that greeted the public and benefitted from donations at the free outdoor Willows concert featuring The Reminisants on August 5, 2015.

The Westborough Civic Club for a grant that helped to support WCLT’s Bowman Discovery Day on September 20 to celebrate the Bowman Conservation Area.  The Civic Club was able to make this donation thanks to its past successful Christmas tree selling season.
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