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Other Local Wildflowers:
Apr. 23 2002
Added Photo Index to bottom of Table of Contents

Apr. 6 2002
Established initial pages
Bloodroot, Trout-lily or Dog Tooth Violet, Birdfoot Violet,
Marsh Blue Violet, Stargrass, Dwarf Ginseng, Rue-Anemone,
Crown-Vetch, Asiatic Dayflower, Helleborine, Blue Vervain,

Wildflowers at the Westborough Reservoir:

Apr. 23 2002
Added Photo Index to bottom of Table of Contents

Mar. 23 2002
added Celandine, Indian Cucumber-root, Lance-leaved Violet,
Birdfoot Trefoil, Pasture Rose, Swamp Candles,
Partridgeberry, Marsh St. Johnswort, Spreading Dogbane,
Beaked Hazelnut, Fern-leaved False Foxglove, Boneset,
Purple Bladderwort, Heal-all, Marsh Speedwell,
Swamp-Honeysuckle, Checkerberry, Evening Primrose

Jan. 5 2002
added closeup of Swollen Bladderwort, foliage of False Hellebore,
Milkweed Beetle, closeup of Square-stemmed Monkey-flower,
Wild Lily-of-the-valley, Common Winter Cress

Wildlife at the Reservoir:
added Eastern Cottontail, Ribbon Snake

Aug. 10 2001
added 'maps' button for road and trail maps to top page

Apr. 10 2001
added Windflower closeup
added Starflower, Northern Downy Violet, Common Blue Violet, Bluet,
Eastern Wild Columbine, False Hellebore, Mortherwort,
Greenish-flowered Pyrola, Yellow Goat's-beard, Nightshade,
Common Milkweed, Tall Meadow Rue, Deptford Pink,
Pale-spike Lobelia, Shinleaf Pyrola, Wild Indigo, Wild Mint,
Fringed Loosestrife, Indian Tobacco, Black Nightshade,
Square-stemmed Monkey-flower, Bluecurls, Orange Hawkweed,
Deer Grass, Spotted Joe-Pye-weed, Turtlehead, Locust,
Nodding Ladies'-tresses, Downy Goldenrod, Stiff Aster,
Smooth Aster, Butter-and-eggs, New York Aster, Daisy Fleabane

Other Wildflowers:
added to Dog Toothed Violet photos
added Beechdrops, Bloodroot, Yellow Lady Slipper,
Red Turtlehead, Coneflower, Shrubby St. Johnswort

Wildlife at the Reservoir:
added Leopard Frog, Frog, Painted Turtle

Dec. 10 2000
updated Jack-in-the-Pulpit photos
added pollination and Bottle Gentian photos to Closed Gentian
added 3rd Blue-eyed Grass blossom to chain
added Wild Geranium, Common St. Johnswort, Swollen Bladderwort,
Downy Rattlesnake-plantain

Dec. 30 1999
Established initial pages

Wallpaper Series:
Apr. 8 2001
added Gay Head Light

Miscellaneous Images:
Apr. 8 2001
added Mill at Moore State Park

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