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ribbon snake


This native ribbon snake, which appeared in the June 20, 2008 Nature Notes column, is harmless, like all other snakes found in Westborough. It looks similar to the garter snake, which is a close relative, but it’s slimmer and sleeker-looking. Notice that it lacks the checkered pattern seen on the garter snake.

January 16, 2009, Page 13, 15


By Annie Reid
Westborough Community Land Trust

Nature Notes Answer Key

Here are the answers to the Nature Notes quiz on page 13. To get ready for enjoying nature in 2009, you can read last year’s Nature Notes columns on the WCLT web site at http://www.westboroughlandtrust.org/nn/nnindex.php

1. Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus)
An invasive decoration, December 12, 2008

2. Eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis)
Winter bluebirds brighten Westborough, February 1, 2008

3. Fairy shrimp (Eubranchipus)
At home in Westborough’s vernal pools, March 14, 2008

4. Celandine (Chelidonium majus
) Wildflower, weed, or invader? May 9, 2008

5. Blue moon
Moon over Westborough, February 29, 2008

6. Garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis), ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus)
Westborough’s snakes are harmless, June 20, 2008

7. Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
Return of the mallards, February 15, 2008

8. Yellow-rumped warbler (Dendroica coronata)
Feasting on poison ivy, November 7, 2008

9. Pearl crescent (Phyciodes tharos)
Pearl crescent butterflies, July 4, 2008

10. Ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata)
Dragons and damsels, July 18, 2008

11. Green darner (Anax junius)
Migrating dragonflies, October 10, 2008

12. Blue-spotted salamander (Ambystoma laterale)
Special concern for blue-spotted salamanders, March 28, 2008

13. Pinesap (Monotropa hypopithys)
Strange plants of summer, August 1, 2008

14. Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Ospreys return to Mill Pond, April 11, 2008

15. Wild mint (Mentha arvensis)
The minty month of August, August 15, 2008

16. Red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)
Smart and feisty red squirrels, October 24, 2008

17. Fragrant water-lily (Nymphaea odorata)
Fragrant water-lilies linger on local ponds, September 12, 2008

18. Nodding trillium (Trillium cernuum)
Treasure-hunting for trilliums, June 6, 2008

19. Yellow warbler (Dendroica petechia)
May brings yellow warblers to Westborough, May 23, 2008

20. Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)
Old-time bitter medicine, September 26, 2008

21. Windflower (Anemone quinquefolia)
Watch for wildflowers in Westborough, April 25, 2008

22. Red eft of the red-spotted newt (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens)
A surprising salamander, August 29, 2008

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